I have the great honor to work on Roland Emmerich feature movie 2012. It was great challenge because I had to match the quality of the blockbuster type of movie, and compare my work with the other huge postproductions who worked on this movie. I have done only several shots in this case and sadly some of them were cut out, but I enjoyed the work on this project.
In the 2012 project, was this particular shot the biggest challenge for me. I started with a basic design of the shaft and try to put more nice details and work out the client comments. This shot is completely in Cg (except of course the head of the actor) and I have done everything, even the animation

This helicopter sequence was most challenging in therms of shaders and lighting. I got the model on the helicopter from the studio Uncharted Territory and my task was only to put them in the scene and make it look realistic. Then I had to build the Tibetan village according to the four existing buildings who were made on the set.
Sadly this next shot was omitted before we could finish it. So its WIP

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