The Pandorum project was my first Sci-fi movie I have worked on. I was really looking forward to work on the different style and dark atmosphere that this movie can offer. 
The most challenging thing for me on this project was to design and create the “Biolab”. I have started from the simple shapes and through client requests I added more details. In the end I did some texture overpaint just to visualize the decay atmosphere of abandoned spaceship. The rest of the shot was done by my colleague Frantisek Hradecky who really did some CG magic on the environment.
The work on the space ship was a real fun. My mission here was only to make a nice believable render, because the model was already done by David Pekarek. Since there was no need to have this huge ship textured from all the angles I did a photoshop overpaint and project it back on the ship.
Another task of my was to create set extension of this Reactor Room. Basically everything on these pictures was created in 3D.
Last but not least was this Jellyfish for the underwatter shot.

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