Tomáš was born in 1985 in a small town called Milevsko in the South-Bohemian Region. In his early childhood he already showed some affection to drawing and painting, in this time mainly of aircraft carriers. Thinking that little Tomík could further gift and themes repertoire, his parents sent him up to the Folk School of Art. Thanks to it, Tomáš was then able to draw also other things which inspired him, especially various characters from computer games and films, which he found mainly in periodicals about computer games.

Before the completion of the basic education Tomáš realized, that the only thing which he is really good at is drawing, so he accepted with humility the recommendation of his art teacher and entered the Václav Hollar Art School in Prague. On one hand the art world in all its glory fully opened to him thanks to this fact, on the other hand some doubts came, how to pay interest on these abilities at the job market.

The paradigm shift came at the moment, when his friend showed him his animation created in 3D Studio Max. His interest in 3D Graphics only grew since this time and it lead him consequently both to the first works created with the help of this program and to the first possibilities, how to earn the living with its help.

From that time Tomas worked on various projects and on various positions.He spend nearly four years working for UPP company as a senior team leader on feature films such as 2012, RedTails, Seasonof the Witch, Pandorum, Salt and others. Tomas is currently working mainly for RUR and other companies on a freelance basis, but if you have some interesting projects and need a little help, feel free to contact him.

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